Wooden skis of Norway

Rønning Treski (Wooden skis) is a family run business that has been producing wooden skis since 1936. Rønning is Norway's only manufacturer of wooden skis and has survived because of solid traditional craftsmanship and idealism. Rønning has brought the traditional wooden ski into the modern and diversified world of skiing. Rønning has skis to use both inside and outside of the tracks.

Skis for all kind of adventures


The classic wooden skis are best suited to the track - which also preforms well in powder which isn't too deep. Track is lightweight and rocker and the wood's natural properties for gliding and kicking make slopes easier to climb up and more fun to ski down. The Track models is also available with kick zone. 

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Children's skis First, are excellent and stable skis with the correct tension. The skis are easy to master with a naturally good grip - something that is important for skiing pleasure. First can be made from birch or ash. Birch is a type of wood that gives skis a traditional look. The skis are also available in ash, which give the skis a brighter and more modern feel. Take a closer look at First.


When Dale Oen Experience was going to through the Northwest Passage they chose Rønning Discover. These are skis which tolerate extreme environments and thrives well outside of the tracks. Discover are mountain skis with camber which moves well on powder and grabs the crust with lignostone edges. Take a closer look at Discover.


The stillness sets in and your hunting instincts jump into action. Quiet are wide wooden skis which float nicely on powder, are stable and have natural properties for gilding and kicking. Hunters with dogs favor Quiet since wooden skis with lignostone-edges are friendlier to dog paws than plastic skis with steel edges.

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About our skis


Rønning wooden skis are made of a laminate construction, as do other good wooden skis. Wood laminates makes skis quiet and stable on uneven mountain terrain and at high speed. Wood laminates also gives a unique feeling of walking on skis. Continue Reading →


For us, who are one of Norway’s very first certified ecotourism businesses, wooden skis are something that creates a whole around our activities and at the same time helping to preserve Norwegian artisan traditions. By choosing wooden skis which are not produced of polluted material, we are helping to protect of the environment! Good luck!

I received my skis on my 50th birthday. I have already managed to go skiing in Hallingdal, Jotunheimen, Skåbu and this past weekend I was at Lykkja in Hemsedal with my new skis. Skarvan Mountain (1750) was nice and easy to climb with my skis. The skis have amazingproperties for summit trips as well as any ski trips outside of tracks in general. It is an extra special feeling to ski with unique wooden skis made after great Norwegian tradition.

Beautifully handmade wooden skis. Laminated Birch and Spruce core with a Hickory sole and Lignostone (pressured wood) edges. Smells nice too; of wood and tar and craftsmanship. This is the “Powder” model that measures 100-90-95 in 200cm lenght. They manage to feel well damped in varying conditions and lively in and out of turns at the same time.

To put it mildly, I am delighted with my skis! One thing is the “hunter sense” I get while skiing over Swedish wilderness alone on fantastic wooden skis. Another thing the carrying capacity they provide off the well-trodden track. – I was pleasantly surprised by the skis’ downhill capabilities. The feeling I had while I took telemark turns on the beautiful skis down the hillside in the wilderness on untouched powder with a fresh grouse in my sack is difficult to describe.