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The factory

When the first generation Rønning took over the factory in 1936, skis were the main product and is today the only product. The factory was expanded and remodeled in several stages, the latest being after a fire in 2002, and is well suited for manufacturing wooden skis.

The factory was also designed to receive small groups of visitors. As the only wooden ski producer in Norway, we feel a responsibility to give our customers and others interested, a glimpse of how a modern multi laminated wooden skis are made. Production of wooden skis is in large a craft and the pictures give us glimpses from the production. The pictures show skis being sanded and being fine-tuned on a belt sander and a finished laminated ski is being taken out from the hydraulic ski press.



Rønning Treski (Wooden skis) has produced wooden skis and other wood products since the 19th century. Wooden skis have been produced continuously since 1936. Once wooden skis were made of whole wood, but during the war the first laminated skis were made here.

The trend has been toward more laminae, some of the skis are actually up to 50 laminae.

This is to achieve more consistent quality and greater durability against breaking and wear. Good laminated wooden skis provide a unique skiing experience and the wooden base has unique characteristics in the snow.

All wooden skis from Rønning are designed to filla place in a market where the requirements are specific and the supply is limited. As a small business, there is flexibility, not mass production, which is the strong side. Product quality is the most important, which makes wooden skis’ life incredibly long and they require little maintenance. In addition,wooden skis lighter than skis withartificial laminae.