Discover – birch/ash

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Tough mountain skis that can withstand most extreme environments. Discover are skis for those who are wish to venture off the beaten path, who need capacity and hard edges for tackling ice and snow crust. Or for those who want to go on a ski adventure to the peak you have always wanted to go to.

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Discover are wooden skis for those who like to ski out of the tracks, in the mountains, into the woods or for those who need a robust ski that tolerates extreme environments. These are the same type of skis that were used through the Northwest passage in the Dale Oen Experience in 2013. Discover has lignostone edges to tackle ice and crust, the rocker design provides good flotation in powder.

Birch has a light and soft appearance with golden tree rings. Also available in ash.

Skis that are 200cm long weigh about 2500g. Because wood is a living material, the weight can vary from pair to pair, as well as in accordance with the moisture content. Our wooden skis have, upon delivery, about 10% moisture content, but after some use the moisture content will increase to about 15 -17% which is the optimal moisture content for wooden skis.

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