First – birch/ash

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Children’s skis First, are excellent and stable skis with the correct tension. The skis are easy to master with a naturally good grip – something that is important for skiing pleasure.

Birch is a type of wood that gives skis a traditional look. The skis are also available in ash, which give the skis a brighter and more modern feel.

Width/curve: 55/10 mm

Length: 100-120 cm. Lengths up to 150 cm are available upon request.

First can be used for cross country, jumping, slalom and telemark skiing.

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Go faster. A little more than last time. Ahead is that difficult turn. You cleared it, but just almost. Just out of the turn towards the jump, which is slightly crooked. Bend your knees. The jump’s edge comes quickly, up in the air… oops, a little high… and land in the snow with one ski forward and the other almost right. A big fall with snow everywhere, even a bit in the face. Get up. Try again, this time I will succeed.

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