Quiet – birch/ash

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These are sturdy and easy swinging skis that tolerate to be used when backpacking and towing a sled. Quiet is a quieter than skis made of artificial fibers and are preferred by hunters, also because the lignostone edges are friendlier towards dog paws than steel edges.

Standard measurement: tip-waist-tail 75-60-65mm

Number of laminae: 35

Quiet in birch has the same technical properties as Quiet made of ash. Birch is a type of wood with flame-like grain patterns. Quiet is also available in ash, which is a wood type with clear grain pattern.

Length: 180-210 cm (whole ten-centimeter). Can also be ordered from 170 cm ( with 5 cm intervals; this can increase delivery time).

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The camber suspension gives good grip and load carrying capacity outside of the tracks as well. The skis also are suited for summit trips. Quiet works well for machine mountain tracks, although they would be too wide for machine tracks in lowlands.

Birch has a bright and soft look with golden year rings.

Skis that are 200cm long weigh about 2500g. Because wood is a living material, the weight can vary from pair to pair, as well as in accordance with the moisture content. Our wooden skis have, upon delivery, about 10% moisture content, but after some use the moisture content will increase to about 15 -17% which is the optimal moisture content for wooden skis.

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