About our skis


Rønning wooden skis are made of a laminate construction, as do other good wooden skis. Wood laminates makes skis quiet and stable on uneven mountain terrain and at high speed. Wood laminates also gives a unique feeling of walking on skis.

Because wood is a living material, weight can vary from pair to pair as well as the skis moisture content. Our wooden skis, upon delivery, have about 10% moisture content, but after some use the moisture content will increase to 15-17%, which is the optimal moisture content for wooden skis.


Wood bases have natural properties which can give Tar both kick and glide, but much can be improved by using ski wax. Wood bases should first be treated with tar. There is a product on the market, which we recommend, SWIX I21, which brushed onto the base so you get a thin, covering coat. Then the applied tar is warmed with a heat gun or a ski waxing iron so that the tar is absorbed into the fibers of the wood. While the tar is still warm, the tar that is not absorbed is wiped away.

After impregnation with tar, the base should be dry. Tar on the sides is also wiped away. The skis are now ready to be waxed. During the time when wood skis were the only alternative, the entire length of the ski was waxed with grip wax. One can also do this today and get a good result.

If the conditions are right for klister wax, one can experiment with klister wax in the kick zone, which normally goes from the heal to about 50-60cm over the front portion of the ski. Glide wax on the front and back of the ski.

Glide wax can be melted on and is scraped down or rubbed on and then rubbed with cork (like grip wax). When you see that the base of the ski is worn and “birch white”, it is time for a new treatment with tar. Normally this will happen only a few times during a winter, unless you have been out on ice and hard snow, which creates excessive wear.


Wooden skis must be impregnated to be protected against moisture/water. The base should be impregnated with wood tar, which is also an excellent undercoat for wax. When the base begins to be white and dry, then it is time for new waxing. First, scrape or wash off all of the old wax.

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